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Wood Acres Tree Specialists is proud to be a division of Bartlett Tree Experts, and our staff now has the backing of an international tree-care company and tree research laboratory to help continue providing excellent tree service and shrub care in the Washington D.C. area. View a complete list of professional tree services offered by Bartlett.

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Plant Health Care:

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Washington DC Tree Service & Shrub Care

Examples of Work Performed                              

Wood Acres Tree Specialists' Certified Arborists are expertly qualified and sought after for their experience in the care of trees and shrubs in Northwest Washington DC. We perform a wide variety of arborist duties - from preventative maintenance to tree & shrub trimming, tree cutting, consultations, & if indicated, tree removal, tree stump removal. All work complies with ANSI A300 Standards. We also provide a Plant Health Care (PHC) Program that keeps your valuable trees and shrubs at optimum health and beauty.

Below are some recent jobs we have completed in Washington, DC to give you a better idea about how we can assist you with your tree and shrub care & maintenance:

American Beech
Tree is too big for driveway and diseased, removed tree with crane, obtained special permit
MacArthur Blvd., Washington DC


Leaning tree with limited root system, remove and haul, special DC tree removal permit
Hawthorne Street, NW Washington DC


Bradford Pear, Skip Laurel, Virginia Creeper, Cotton Wood
Cut neighbor's trees back to property line, remove Virginia Creeper Vine, repair storm damage to cotton wood, remove broken limbs, proper pruning cuts to branch stubs, remove deadwood, remove debris from roof and inspect roof for damage
Oliver Street, NW Washington DC


Bradford Pear
Remove fire-blight damaged limbs to point of origin of next lateral
Highwood Court, NW Washington DC


Boxwoods, Euonymus, Hollies
Application of horticultural oil to control scale and mite insects
34th Place, NW Washington DC


Wild Cherry
Systemic Injections to protect from damaging tent caterpillars
Nevada Avenue, Washington DC


Live Spore/Biopak
Highwood Court, NW Washington DC


Dogwoods, Redbuds
Insecticide application and spreader sticker for borers.
Tilden Street, Washington DC


Crape Myrtles
Application of protectant spray for damaging insects, diseases
Charleston Terrace, NW Washington DC


Crabapple & Apple
Tent Caterpillar Spray
Weaver Terrace, NW Washington DC


Wild Cherry, Mulberry Trees
General Tree Work including trimming, vine removal, tree removal
Newark Street, NW Washington DC


Leyland Cypress
Remove fallen tree
Upton Street, NW Washington DC


All Trees & Shrubs
Subsurface Fertilization
Rockwood Parkway, NW Washington DC


Hickory, Hornbean, Blue Spruce
Tree elevation to accomodate new construction. Tree trimming to improve shape. Remove blue spruce.
47th Street, NW Washington DC


Birch Tree
Soil injection of systemic insecticide as an aid to control borers.
11th Street, NW Washington DC


Pin Oaks
Soil Drench Growth Regulator; Cambistat to maintain tree size
Kenmore Drive, NW Washington DC


Soil injection of systemic insecticide soution as an aid in controlling cottony camellia scale insects.
Davis Street, NW Washington DC


Weeping Cherry
Apply Tent Caterpillar spray for control of insects
Davis Street, NW Washington DC


Dogwoods and Redbuds
Application of fungicide to control Dogwood Anthracnose and wood boring insects.
Tilden Street, Washington DC


Walnut Trees
Inject Pinscher growth regulator to reduce nut production.
47th Place, NW Washington DC


Hemlocks, Hornbeams
Horticultural spray to control scale and mite insects. Systemic injections to control adelgid.
34th Street, NW Washington DC


Soil Test and Tree & Shrub Health Check
Take soil samples and send to lab for analysis so proper fertilizer can be selected
Check health of all trees and shrubs
Utah Avenue, NW Washington DC
Loughboro Road, NW Washington DC
Davis Street, NW Washington DC
Van Ness Stree, NW Washington DC

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