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What is Vertical Mulching?

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What is Vertical Mulching?

vertical mulching
Vertical mulching is a technique that can be used to partially alleviate soil compaction within the root zones of trees. It will facilitate the absorption of rain and watering and will aerate the soil.

Soil compaction
is harmful because it reduces the amount of space in the soil that would normally be filled with oxygen and water. A high-pressure air gun is used for the removal so we can expose the roots 14-18 inches below ground without damage. There are a few different techniques that can be used depending on the location of the tree on the property.

After completion of the method it is necessary to back fill the holes or trenches with an organic mixture which will add an organic source of nutrients to the trees and plants and to the structure of the soil profile.

Over time this material will break down providing the tree with a good source of nutrients while achieving a loftier soil median for tree roots to flourish.

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