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Disease & Pest Management

Preventive Health Care (PHC)  Wood Acres Tree Specialists Provides Pro-Active Care for your trees and shrubs. We can assess the condition, health and needs of trees and shrubs by accurate, scientific diagnosis and then, design and implement preventive care and maintenance programs for your property.

Consumer Information regarding tree, shrub and lawn care pesticide applications

Top 10 Pests

Current PHC Report (Plant Health Care)

Listed Below are the current pests, diseases, & damage that are affecting trees and shrubs in the Maryland, Washington, DC. & No. Virginia area. For expert tree and shrub care Contact Wood Acres Tree Specialists to correctly diagnose and safely treat problems to maintain the health and beauty of your woody plants.

For more information on tree & shrub types of damage please visit our individual indexes (work in progress):


Improper Soil pH
Leaf Spot Tree Disease
Leopard Moth
Lightning Strike
Nutrient Deficiency
Oak Wilt
Orangestriped Oakworm
Pine Bark Adelgid
Pine Sawflies
Powdery Mildew (shown on oak)
Sirex Woodwasp
Snowy Tree Cricket
Soil Compaction
Spruce Spider Mite
Storm Damage to Trees
Tarnished Plant Bug
Tuliptree Scale
Viburnum Leaf Beetle
White Pine Blister Rust
Yellownecked Caterpillar
Pro-active tree & shrub care
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