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Our tree crews are highly skilled and have years of experience in the tree care industry. Our field crews attend safety programs and review safety guidelines as provided by the Tree Care Industry Association.
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Fungi on Trees

Fungi on trees come in many shapes and sizes. These fruiting bodies indicate that there is some type of fungus living in/within the tree. Some fungi are meaningless, some can be wood destroying organisms. If you see a mushroom growing on your tree, contact Wood Acres Tree Specialists and have us take a look to make sure the tree is okay.

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Purple Plum Trees

For 30 years, the homeowner has enjoyed this purple plum tree. Purple plums are one of the prettiest ornamental trees in our area. They have dark purple foliage with bright pink flowers in the spring.

Over the past two seasons and for no other reason than excessive spring moisture, this purple plum has produced a large amount of plums. This year especially, the excessive amount of fruit has become a huge problem. This tree hangs over the client’s front walk, the neighbor’s front garden and a common area walkway. The amount of fruit dropping on a daily basis has become a huge nuisance.

Not only is it a hazard for fruit falling on people as they walk through, but the smashed fruit make a sticky mess that attract bees and other insects. There is also the problem of an excessive amount of squirrels and birds being attracted to the tree, and all the problems they bring.

And finally, the weight of the fruit is causing the upper canopy of the tree to bend, which increases the risk of the limbs breaking. Unfortunately, no amount of pruning can solve this problem. The real solution is to remove the tree and replace with something that does not produce fruit.

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Register of Champion Trees, Montgomery County MD 2015-16

Champion Trees of Montgomery County MD 2015-16
Montgomery County Forestry Board announces their Register of Champion Trees for 2015-2016. Take a stroll through the list of spectacular and fascinating specimens that reign as the largest. All the trees are located in cities in Montgomery County on public or private property.

Wood Acres Tree Specialist is proud to be represented on the Montgomery County Forestry Board by Arborist, Jim Harris. The Forestry Board was established in 1943 to help landowners manage forestland. Today, they promote the value of forests and trees in maintaining the health of the Chesapeake Bay and improve our urban and suburban environment.

Click to view PDF of the list of 2015-16 Champion Trees.

Know of a tree that should be on the list? Fill out the enclosed form to nominate your tree (last page of pdf).

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