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Register of Champion Trees, Montgomery County MD 2015-16

Champion Trees of Montgomery County MD 2015-16
Montgomery County Forestry Board announces their Register of Champion Trees for 2015-2016. Take a stroll through the list of spectacular and fascinating specimens that reign as the largest. All the trees are located in cities in Montgomery County on public or private property.

Wood Acres Tree Specialist is proud to be represented on the Montgomery County Forestry Board by Arborist, Jim Harris. The Forestry Board was established in 1943 to help landowners manage forestland. Today, they promote the value of forests and trees in maintaining the health of the Chesapeake Bay and improve our urban and suburban environment.

Click to view PDF of the list of 2015-16 Champion Trees.

Know of a tree that should be on the list? Fill out the enclosed form to nominate your tree (last page of pdf).

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Rockville MD Ash Trees Killed By The Emerald Ash Borer


Dead Rockville MD Ash Tree Scheduled to be Removed.


If you live near Rockville, MD – or are a property owner in Montgomery County with ash trees – you are urged to get your ash trees treated immediately for emerald ash borers. If you wait for signs of infestation – it will be too late. May and June is the time to use preventive insecticides against the Emerald Ash Borer in Maryland.

An entire block of Twin Oaks Drive in Rockville, MD and Potomac Springs neighborhood have been infected and every single native ash tree will have to be removed this Spring (City Forester, Wayne Noll, reported to the mayor and council at their March 23, 2015 meeting). Ash trees die quickly and become a falling hazard for humans.

The State of Maryland is at infestation level and not much can be done. Natural predators, like woodpeckers, help prevent the spread of the Asian EAB (Emerald Ash Borers).

People shouldn’t transport firewood or wood products made from ash which is the primary way they get to different areas. EAB is now known to be in 22 states, including Maryland. The Emerald Ash Borer was first reported in Michigan in the 1990’s.

Scientists are studying the rare native elm that doesn’t become infested for clues in their resistance.

The adult EAB eats the ash’s leaves but it’s the larvae that kills the tree with its treacherous boring. (see image below).

Contact Wood Acres Tree Specialists if you still have a healthy native elm tree for a professional consultation and insecticide treatment.

Dead Rockville Ash tree scheduled to be removed

Rockville Ash tree with Emerald Ash Borer holes.



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Natural U.S. Predators Discover the Emerald Ash Borer

A new natural predator for Emerald Ash Borer.

A new natural predator for Emerald Ash Borer.

The emerald ash borer (aka EAB), the relentless insect native to Asia & Eastern Russia, hides inside ash trees and devastates them from within. It has been identified as spreading in our immediate area. With it is the threat of mass destruction of Maryland’s beautiful ash trees (Fraxinus spp.) that line many of our streets and populate our forests.

What is an invasive species? When a plant or animal is transported to a new environment, the predators and other natural enemies that exist in its natural habitat are no longer present. This gives the species an advantage over other species in the area, and allows it to flourish in its new land. The species becomes known as “invasive” when its presence becomes harmful to the natural ecosystem processes.

As our world has become global, invasive species of plants and insects have been introduced (accidentally and purposefully), taken over, and are spreading like wildfires.

Much research is needed to control emerald ash borer but it’s natural enemies in its native homeland include predaceous and parasitic insects & insect-pathogenic fungi. Now we’re discovering some help in the U.S. from woodpeckers and nuthatches! Researchers from Cornell and the U.S. Forest Service report that citizen scientists (also known as bird-watchers) reported that populations of woodpecker and nuthatch grew in areas of known EAB infestations as they had luckily discovered the new food source.

While it will take some time for scientists and mother nature to help even the playing field, if you suspect those woodpeckers hammering your sick ash tree are after EAB, don’t wait, contact the arborists at Wood Acres Tree Specialists,- and let them know that a little bird told you.

Wood Acres Tree Specialists arborists are experts at tree disease, pest management and tree care. They’ve been serving Montgomery County Maryland and Washington DC since 1983. Learn more about the emerald ash borer and other tree and shrub damaging insects in their Plant Health Care indexes.

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