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Tent Caterpillar or Gypsy Moth?

Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Eastern tent caterpillars and gypsy moth caterpillars– both are about the same size, hairy, and have bands of black and brown colors with narrow yellow stripes, and blue spots. But -Gypsy moth caterpillars also have red spots and this is a distinct difference between the two.
Gypsy moth caterpillars are not just an unattractive nuisance, but this invasive pest is very harmful to deciduous hardwood trees, like oak. The damage they can do to trees ranges from light to nearly full defoliation. Entire parks have been closed for spraying to try to control their ravenous appetites. Most infected trees will survive a single infestation and defoliation, but continuing damage can weaken a tree and leave it vulnerable to drought, cold, disease or other insects.

The other major difference is in their eating habits: tent caterpillars prefer to feed safely in their tent. Gypsy moths don’t make webbing and eat out in the open.They like to hide on the underside of leaves, branches, or some other inconspicuous part of the tree, or they hide in brush on the ground, and do most of their main feeding in the veil of night so predators don’t pick them off.
Eastern tent caterpillars damage occurs early in the season and their host trees can usually grow more leaves afterwards and rebound.
If you believe you have a serious problem with caterpillars contact Wood Acres Tree Specialists for a consultation with our tree and shrub care division.

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