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Preventing Snow Damage to Multi-Leader Trees & Shrubs

Winter Weight on Trees and Shrub

With the cold, snowy weather upon us in Maryland and Washington, DC, Wood Acres starts receiving calls from customers concerned about splitting or fallen trees. (Memories of the 2010 Snowmageddon are still fresh) Some species are definitely more susceptible to the added weight of ice and snow more than others.

Previously we discussed the white pine problem – fast-growing trees favored by unknowing homeowners who want quick shade but instead end up with a brittle monster prone to breakage in storms. The white pine often develops weak, v-shaped crotches that easily split apart under heavy participation and high winds.

Besides avoiding fast-growers in the landscape you take care with multiple leader trees and conifers. Multiple leader, upright evergreens, like arborvitae and juniper, and multiple leader or clump trees, such as birch, are most subject to snow and ice damage. Smaller trees need to be wrapped and larger trees with wide-spreading leaders should be cabled.

TIP: You can secure your smaller multiple leader trees with strips of carpet, strong cloth or nylon stockings two-thirds of the way above the weak crotches. You can also connect large Bungee Cords (elastic ropes with hooks on either end) at the hardware (make sure it’s supportive but not too tight). Remove the wrappings during spring to avoid binding new growth and girdling limbs and trunk.

Wood Acres Tree Specialists? provide professional cabling/bracing services to protect your trees and shrubs. To have a healthy, intact landscape next Spring make sure to contact our certified arborists before your weak tree or bush becomes permanently damaged or downed in a winter storm.

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