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Improper Pruning Can Destroy Your Trees

improperly pruned trees bad pruningimproper tree pruning












These photos are great examples of improper pruning. Improper pruning is a huge stress on trees. It removes all of the foliage at one time, so the food producing structure of the tree is immediately removed. When that happens, the root system is not able to cope with such a huge loss all at once, which can lead to root death.

Another concern about this type of improper pruning is leaving large pruning cuts. Larger pruning cuts are sometimes necessary to properly prune trees, but larger cuts do not heal as well as smaller cuts. These large cuts have the greater potential to rot than smaller cuts. When this tree produces new shoots and new leaves, all of the new shoots and leaves will be attached to these potentially rotten areas. This increases the risk of the limbs failing in the future.

People think that when trees are cut like this, they become safer. With the increased potential of rot is taken into consideration, improper pruning actually raises the risk level of the tree. When pruning a tree, no more than 25%-30% of the foliage should be removed in one pruning cycle. Pruning cuts should be made at laterals, and pruning cuts should be as small as possible.

For proper pruning of your trees contact the certified arborists at Wood Acres Tree Specialists.

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