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Wood Acres Tree & Shrub Care of Maryland

Tree Service in Rockville, MD

Trees play an important role in all of our lives but they are living things. Unfortunately, we share in a tree's misfortunes on our property, like toppling or breaking from wet or windy weather - or poor health. There are some things you can do to keep the trees in your care on your property from becoming a liability instead of a valuable asset:

Annual Checkups: have Wood Acres tree service check your trees’ health and remove trees that have become hazardous or infringe on your home or power lines’ space. Healthy trees have stronger roots and resist being toppled so have us stay on top of insect and disease outbreaks before they irreversibly damage your tree’s strength. Ask us about ourPlant Health Care (PHC) program. It’s a multifaceted method of care custom designed for each homeowner. It incorporates a specific number of “visits” by one of our urban foresters, which are tailored to both monitor and control the potential insect and disease developments on your trees and shrubs.

Tree Removal in Rockville, Maryland

Working with a certified arborist who is highly trained in the proper tree removal & tree care techniques can keep some of these problems from developing in your tree in the first place. Support your trees' limbs with cabling and bracing. Avoid being shortsighted and having just anyone with a saw cut your trees. You may think you're saving money at the time but taking down a tree (& losing a valuable mature tree on your property) is very expensive and dangerous work - and could even be avoided with regular care from an tree removal arborist.

If you do come upon tree cracks on your Rockville, Maryland property, contact Wood Acres Tree Specialists today for expert advice. If tree removal is the only recourse, you'll have confidence knowing that they are licensed and insured. You'll have peace of mind that this dangerous procedure is done with stringent safety and performance standards.

Tree Service & Tree Removal in Rockville, MD

Wood Acres Tree Service & Tree Removal Certified Arborists are expertly qualified and sought after for their experience in the care of trees and shrubs in Rockville, MD. We perform a wide variety of tree service and tree removal duties - from preventative maintenance, to tree & shrub trimming, tree cutting, consultations, & if indicated, tree removal and tree stump removal. All work complies with ANSI A300 Standards. We also provide a Plant Health Care (PHC) program that keeps your valuable trees and shrubs at optimum health and beauty.

Below are some recent tree service jobs we have completed in Maryland to give you a better idea about how we can assist you with your tree and shrub care & maintenance:

Walnut, Leyland Cypress, Apple
Stump Grinding
Alta Vista Road, Rockville MD

Anti-Desiccant Spray
All broadleaf evergreen species sprayed as an aid in the reduction of foliar water loss and winter burn.
Rollingwood Drive, Chevy Chase, MD

Bradford Pear, Sycamore, Scotch Pine, Crape Myrtle
Prune and thin all, remove pine.
Willowleaf Way, Potomac, MD

Plant Health Care Program
Inspect ornamental trees and shrubs. Treat insects and diseases as needed.
Byeforde Road, Kensington MD



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