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Pine Bark Adelgid

John A. Weidhass, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bugwood.org
 Pineus strobi.The Pine Bark Adelgid, native to Europe but one of the most commonly reported insect pests of pines in America, feeds on tree trunks by sucking sap from the phloem tissues. It can be problematic for small nursery stock, but if trees are healthy, permanent damage should not result.
Plants Attacked
The pine bark adelgid is found principally on eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) but occasionally attacks other pines such as the Scotch (Pinus sylvestris), ponderosa (Pinus ponderosa), jack (Pinus banksiana), pitch (Pinus rigida) and Austrian (Pinus nigra) pine.

The eggs are a milky to light yellow-brown color and hidden under a white woolly mass secreted by adult females. The immature adelgids resemble the adult, and are initially yellow but darken with age. The adult is small (about 1/32 inch), dark purple, tear-drop shaped with short legs, and covered by the white woolly secretions.

Damage to older trees is purely aesthetic, but newly planted trees can be seriously injured by the pine bark adelgid, with heavy infestations stunting plant growth. The white woolly filaments, secreted by the insects for their protection, can give the appearance that the host is white-washed or snow covered. Pine bark adelgids also secrete honeydew, which can lead to the presence of sooty mold.
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