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Mountain Ash Sawfly

Howard Ensign Evans, Colorado State University, Bugwood.org
Pristiphora geniculata (Hartig) - Larva(e) Mountain Ash Sawflies defoliateAmerican and European mountain ashes mainly.Look for defoliation of all but the midribs of leaves (a). Larvae, which are yellowish-green with prominent black spots (a,b), feed gregariously and tend to defoliate an entire branch before moving on to another.
There are two generations per year, except in the northernmost part of the sawfly's range. Winter is spent in the ground as a cocoon, and pupation occurs in the spring. First generation adults emerge and lay eggs throughout June and into July. Eggs are laid in slits along the toothed margin of leaflets, producing a blistered appearance. Larvae of the first generation mature and drop to the soil to pupate by August. A portion of these reach adulthood and lay eggs, producing a second generation which feeds from late August through September.
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