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Japanese Beetle

William Fountain, University of Kentucky, Bugwood.org
Popillia japonica Newman - Adult(s)    From early July through September, the adults, with metallic green bodies (a), can be found on leaves, sometimes several per leaf (b). Young tender leaves are preferred and may be completely skeletonized by adults (c). The C-shaped larvae (grubs) can seriously damage grass roots and can be found under dead patches of lawn.

There is one generation per year. Most of the year is spent as larvae in the soil. Larvae overwinter in earthen cells 4-12 inches below the surface. From early spring until June, they continue to feed on roots. Then the insects pupate near the soil surface. Adults fly in the daytime and are active on sunny, warm days over 6-12 weeks, beginning the first week of July. Eggs are laid in the soil, and larvae feed on roots into the fall. 
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