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Fourlined Plant Bug

Susan Ellis, Bugwood.org
Poecilocapsus lineatus (Fabricius)     Four-lined plant bugs damage many species of herbaceous and woody plants, causing immediate damage, which may be severe in areas where bug populations are dense.

Overwintered eggs, inserted into woody plant tissues, hatch in spring. Nymphs can develop on many species of plants. More than 250 species in 57 families have been reported as hosts.

The form of the feeding damage varies with leaf shape, texture, pubescence, and venation. Leaves usually are peppered with small, depressed, round or irregular spots that may become transparent. Plants show symptoms of feeding damage as soon as the bugs’ stylets enter their tissues. The tissues clear immediately, beginning at the point of penetration and radiating out to from a roughly circular spot about 2 mm in diameter.

There is one generation per year.
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