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Fall Webworm

Ronald F. Billings, Texas Forest Service, Bugwood.org
Hyphantria cunea (Drury) - Larva(e)  Fall webworm is a moth in the family Arctiidae known principally for its larval stage, which creates the characteristic webbed nests on the tree limbs of a wide variety of hardwoods in the late summer and fall. It is mainly an aesthetic pest and is not believed to harm otherwise healthy trees. It is well-known to commercial tree services and arboriculturists.

Fall webworms feed on over 85 species of trees including, walnut, hickory, fruit trees, maples, cherry, and sweetgum. They overwinter as pupa in leaf litter, old nests, or in crevices found in bark and emerge sometime in mid-late June. Larvae form webbing around a few leaves and feed gregariously encasing other leaves in their webbing as they grow. Their webs are formed around terminal ends of branches. Caterpillars feed for about 6 weeks before they pupate.

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