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European Elm Scale

Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University, Bugwood.org
 Gossyparia spuria. The european elm scale prefers american elm and other native elms, but Celtis species and Zelkova are also susceptible.

Mature females are up to 10mm long, oval and grayish-brown with a white, waxy fringe ovisac. Crawlers are yellow. Females mature in late Mat, mate and begin depositing eggs. Crawlers begin appearing in late June. Egg hatch may extend through end of July. They feed on leaves throughout the summer, then migrate to branches before leaves drop. Crawlers like the underside of leaves, females like the forks of twigs.

Feeding damage includes stunted, chlorotic foliage, premature leaf drop and branch dieback. Associated black sooty mold growth on honeydew on tops of branches gives tress an overall black appearance.
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