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Euonymus Scale

Photo by Edward L. Manigault, Clemson University Donated Collection
Unaspis euonymi This armored scale is most commonly found feeding on Euonymus, but may also be found on Pachysandra, Ficus, Buxus, Ilex, Camellia, and others. This insect removes plant juices from the plant often causing yellow or brown spots where it is feeding. Infestations may cause leaf abscission and eventually kill branches. Male scales are white, elongated, appear fuzzy, and are often found on leaves; whereas female scales are brown, oval shaped and often found on twigs. The second generation females mature and overwinter to the following spring.
Some studies have found Euonymus japonica and E. fortunei suffer heavier infestations than other Euonymus species. Some research has suggested variegated varieties may also enhance scale fecundity and performance compared to non-variegated varieties, thus more likely to suffer heavy infestations. 
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