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Dogwood Borer

Terry Price, Georgia Forestry Commission, Bugwood.org
The Dogwood Borer is a moth that looks a lot like a small wasp. Adult borers are about 1 centimeter long. They have bluish-black bodies with yellow stripes. Females have more yellow than males. The wings of this moth are clear.

Dogwood Borers can be found wherever their favorite trees live, including forests, parks, and yards.

Adult Dogwood Borers become active in late May. They only live for about a week, so they need to find a mate quickly. After mating, female borers lay eggs on wounds in trees. Some tree species they use include: Flowering Dogwood, American Beech, elms, oaks, birches, Black Willow, blueberries (shrubs), American Chestnut, hickories, and pines.
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