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Three things are required for a disease to develop: the presence of a pathogen (the disease-causing agent), plant susceptibility to that particular pathogen and an environment suitable for disease development.

Plants vary in susceptibility to pathogens. Many disease-prevention programs focus on the use of pathogen-resistant plant varieties. Even if the pathogen is present and a susceptible plant host is available, the proper environmental conditions must be present over the correct period of time for the pathogen to infect the plant.

Diseases can be classified into two broad categories: those caused by infectious or living agents (diseases) and those caused by noninfectious or nonliving agents (disorders).Examples of infectious agents include fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

This index is meant as an educational tool only to promote tree and shrub health awareness.
FUNGICIDES ARE POISONOUS! Proper identification by an arborist and application is needed to manage diseases - not kill beneficial insects and wildlife. Please contact a Licensed Pest Control Operator for professional treatment.

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Thousand Cankers Disease
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